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トルコ東部地震(2011年10月)の分析 BITLIS DSI 173. SB. MUD

トルコ東部地震(2011年10月)の分析 BITLIS DSI 173. SB. MUD
M7.2 Eastern Turkey Area Earthquake of 23 Oct 2011
Station:BITLIS DSI 173. SB. MUD.
Google Maps URL:,111.8km from Epicenter

PDF Document:Acceleration Time History.From20(s) to 80(s)
MD5 4e0c337487a2ad085912336a0dff4422

PDF Document:Fourier Amplitude Spectrum:-10(Hz)
MD5 4367ca16eab9a802be5f4bd53bb3e970

PDF Document:H/V Spectral Ratio
MD5 3b0901fd370d16d801b3bddc08e60b0a

PDF Document:Maximum Response by Building Height
MD5 212d7e5dbda1359ec479670e9848ada0

PDF Document:Sa-Sd Curve.Sa:Maximum Absolute Acceleration Response,Sd:Maximum Relative Displacement Response
MD5 46a2673ff59a8d066c7aa64c0b4aa5b1

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[4]Yukio Tamura:『Damping in Buildings』
[5]Nelson PULIDO, Toru SEKIGUCHI, Gaku SHOJI , Jorge ALBA, Fernando LAZARES, Taiki SAITO:『Earthquake Source Process and Strong Ground Motions of the 2010 Chile Mega-Earthquake』
[6]Patricio Poblete:『Surviving the 8.8 Richter Chilean Earthquake of 27 Feb 2010 3:34am』

・PDF作成日はドキュメントの左下、「Document ID No.」の前から8桁に記しています。例 20120302→2012年3月2日.
・Fourier amplitude spectrum is calculated by Fast Fourier transform(FFT).
・Fourier amplitude spectrum is calculated with no noise filtering.
・Maximum Response is calculated with no noise filtering.
・Average(gal) in the document is the value after minus offset.
※Caution:Calculated directly from original uncorrected accelerogram data minus offset.
※Offset is the average of all original uncorrected accelerogram data.